• April 2, 2020

    HealthSentry: Enabling Incorruptible, Secure Healthcare Communications

    Philipp Saud, CEO An undesirable instance wherein the disruption in healthcare communications posed a serious threat to patient health and safety was the infamous incident when the large health insurer, Centene, failed to properly address the grievances and appeals of their enrollees in a timely manner. Such instances show the importance of healthcare communication as […]

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  • February 12, 2020

    Blockchain: The revolution that hasn’t quite happened

    HealthSentry is a revolutionary approach to recording, verifying, monitoring and auditing data using Blockchain technology. Data and communication such as authorizations, claims and payments become incorruptible. Any alteration to a record is registered. With HealthSentry, providers, Independent Physician Associations(IPAs), Management Services Organizations(MSOs) and Health Plans can remain compliant and be audit ready. #compliance #healthplans #blockchaintechnology […]

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