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Introducing Blockchain Technology with HealthSentry

This application is a set of systems and methods for auditing, monitoring, recording, verifying, and executing healthcare communications, decisions, and transactions using centralized storage and blockchain technology. More specifically, the system serves as a communication tool between patients, healthcare providers, healthcare related government entities, insurance carriers, and healthcare facilities. The application also relates to recording and executing of decisions and transactions between the parties such that healthcare processing is performed through a centralized blockchain system.

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  • Blockchain Technology

    In HealthSentry, all communication and transactions are both centrally stored as well as posted to a blockchain. These transactions can relate to payment processing, audits, dispute resolution, booking appointments, determining coverage, authorizing coverage and reimbursement, and credentialing healthcare providers. This provides a tamper proof record of any and all such events.

  • Customizable

    In HealthSentry, you can customize screens and reports based on your needs and priorities. Authorizations, claims, payments, trends, letters, disputes, reports and audits can be tailored to your needs in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Compliance

    HealthSentry's incorruptible recording and tamper proof storing of all events works to eliminate errors and fraudulent activities. This also assures the timeliness of authorizations, claims and payments. As such, HealthSentry creates compliant and accurate reports and can conduct a complete self-audit of all data.


  • Record all data in a centralized warehouse using blockchain technology.
  • Verify all data before reporting and analysis.
  • Monitor tampering of finalized data.
  • Audit-conduct a self-audit to validate the data.

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